Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Social Comment Artwork

Students viewed artwork that addresses a social issue or makes a visual statement about a current topic for several months, considering how a viewer decides what the artist is trying to convey, how the media, size, and placement of the work supports the artist's message, and whether the work is successful.  Then students selected a topic of their own, drafted plans to create a piece about this issue, decided on what media to use, how large the piece should be, and where it should be placed in the school.  The artist statement, describing to the viewer what each piece is about, can be seen on the paper accompanying the work.

Gun violence

Environmental conservationism

This clock represents the changes views on homosexuality over time

Abortion, Marijuana Legalization, and Teen Pregnancy

Peer Pressure and Conformity


Child Abuse


Global warming

Animal Testing

Animal cruelty




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