Thursday, March 1, 2012

Sculpture Unit - Asian Influenced Paper Mache Lanterns

Students began Asian influenced lanterns today, top coat of paper mache will be the base color for the piece...


  1. Hi..AMANDA..I am MOHAN SINGH from INDIA working as art lecturer in an animation college.
    I have gone through your students works so,good.
    And please share about your expertise in other media.

    with regards

  2. Hi Mohan - thank you so much!! I really appreciate your interest! I have taught drawing, painting, print making, sculpture, and multi media collage, but have not had the resources at my current position to teach any digital media. Many of my students are interested in animation, however, and believe I should begin to incorporate some animation examples in my lessons. I will keep you posted! And the print making examples are coming soon...


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